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Speedlights for Cameratraps

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Cameratrap setup for lynx photography in the bavarian forest Cameratrap setup for lynx photography in the bavarian forest

The myth over Nikon SB-28 and some alternatives for cameratrap photography.

Nikon SB-28 for Cameratraps

Cameratrapping becomes quite popular nowadays, so people start to rumor about the right equipment for cameratrap photography. In some eBooks and forums people say: The one and only flash to be used is the Nikon SB28 an old model (builtfrom 1997 to 2002) with high output and amazing standby functionality. Yes, this one is good: it is old and cheap (around 50€ right now). But it's not the only one you can use!

There are soem disadvantages about the Nikon SB-28:

  • it has a plastic hot shoe that easily breaks 
  • no iTTL functionality (only cameras older than D3/D300 will recognize it as a flash)
  • only few flashes per battery

Newer models are more stable and you can use them with iTTL for automatic lighting of our image - and the batteries last the same.

Nikon Speedlight and Canon DSLR?

Many people use Canon DSLRs for cameratrapping but want to use Nikon speedlight for their great standby time. But think about: the flashes will be only triggered by the X-contact. That means: when your flash and camera are in standby, the first shot will be without flash, because the camera will not wake up the flash first. 

You can meter the wakeup signal of the canon camera and solder it to the corresponding Nikon contact. That works!

Usable and tested flashlights

And here is the list of my flashlights, used for cameratrap photography:

  • Nikon SB-28
  • Nikon SB-28DX
  • Nikon SB-80DX
  • Nikon SB-600
  • Nikon SB-800




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