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DIY: external Flash Battery

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Externer Batteriepack für Blitzgeräte Externer Batteriepack für Blitzgeräte

Usually, I use my speedlight with the internal batteries: four Eneloop rechargeables give a suffiecient lifetime. But if it has to be even longer, you need an external batterypack for your flash.

My shopping List:

  1. external battery holder for four mono or baby cells
  2. 14AWG cable red and black
  3. male and female connectors
  4. wooden dowels 14x50mm

1. Prepare the dowels

Drill a hole

The wooden dowels will be our fake mignon batteries as they have almost the size of a AA-battery. As we need to get out the cable, we have to cut them to 45mm length. Afterwards you drill a hole through the dowel.


2. Solder the cables

Solder the connectors

Cut the cables to the right length. Pull the cable through the dowel (our fake AA battery) and make a big solder iron blob at the end. This will be the connection to the original contact in the battery compartment of the flash. Solder the connector to the cables.

I used some hot glue to mount the cables inside the dowels.


3. Battery holder

Externer Batteirepack für Blitzgeräte
External Batterypack for flashes

Now finish the oppsite side: take care to solder plus to plus and minus to minus. I also added some hot glue around the connections to be sure.


4. Modify your flash

To get the cables out of the flash, I opened the battery compartment with a drill..

5. Finished!

Ready for testing? Use an old flash first to avoid bad surprises! If you start building your own, be careful not to connect plus and minus anywhere. I'll not be responsible for your fault ;-)

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